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Robert W

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Intro: me
« on: January 19, 2016, 07:21:45 PM »
Good eve,
I suppose this is where one is supposed to introduce oneself. Ok...

New owner of a DWC and working on getting to grips with the tool.
My name is Robert Wilson; I am a teacher of engineering and 3D; my design tool of choice is Lightwave3D. However, I teach Fusion360 and will be adding Inventor and AutoCad to the mix next year. Yes, I also teach Lightwave3D, too, but with a focus on animation and TV work. At home,  it  will be the centerpiece of Design.

My plan is to make schtuff. MultiRotors, for sure, along with wooden bowls and other loving things for the Wife.

At work, we have a StepCraft CNC, a wood Laser Burner/Engraver, a Form 1+ and an Airwolf HD2X; home, a prusa I3 3D printer and the DWC.

Cut out my first circle tonight. Have to approach this machine MUCH MUCH different than the StepCraft and I'm ok with that. Lots of learning to do.


Gary Va

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Re: Intro: me
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Re: Intro: me
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