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Greetings from Western Massachusetts
« on: July 08, 2016, 01:39:12 PM »
Hello fellow wood carvers. I am Rick Roy and I live in the beautiful little city of Greenfield Massachusetts. I look forward to reading your posts an collaborating with you on projects. Besides the DWC, I run a CarveWright and right now, it pays the bills but the DWC is catching up.
For the first three months of running the DWC, I had problems with the stock spindle and collet system on the Hitachi router that is standard. At Burl's recommendation, I replaced the chuck with a MuscleChuck ... www.musclechuck.com and I love it. Changing bits couldn't be easier. I highly recommend changing he chuck even if you aren't having difficulty with your collet system because the ease of use is terrific.
I "settled" for VCarve Pro although after being pampered by the CarveWright software, I think that I need to move up to Aspire. I just don't want to afford it!
Finally, what is your best source for vector art and 3D images ready to carve?
Al the best