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Author Topic: CorelDraw single line fonts.  (Read 3175 times)

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CorelDraw single line fonts.
« on: March 01, 2013, 10:35:33 AM »
After some experimenting with my new Digital Wood Carver, and the included G-code projects, I started making my own designs in CorelDraw.  I've been using CorelDraw since version 2.0 [pre-Windows] so I thought I knew everything :)  That never works out for the best. LOL

First I exported a single word to DXF, imported that into the CNC USB software, and carved the work about 4" tall.  It looked great!  The reason it looked 'great' at that size is because text exported from CorelDraw carved in a wire frame [outline] rather than a single centerline carve. 

When the text gets smaller, like when I tried putting the Second Amendment text on a 6" x 24" board, outline carving either has to be very shallow or the center of enclosed letters [e, a, o] will be carved away :(

Once your text, wingdings, etc are where you want them, save this as a CDR file in case you want to edit again later.
Select all text elements.  At the top of the Bitmaps menu, select Convert to Bitmaps.
With these elements still selected, farther down in the Bitmaps menu, select Centerline Trace / Technical Illustration.
I've been getting the best trace with Detail set a little above half way, Smoothing set to 24, and Corner Smoothness set to zero.
Click OK
Delete the bitmap.  Your centerline font will look a little rough but will carve nicely.
Export the image as DXF.
Close without saving [don't want to ruin your CDR file,,,]

The exported DXF will now import into CNC USB and work well for a deeper carve..
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